Rules and Regulations

1. The school premises shall not be available before 5:00 p.m. on school days, except under special conditions.

2. Rental fees are determined by the district. Fees may be waived for private nonprofit groups that do not charge admission fees. Religious groups or organizations will be charged rental fees as listed above.

3. The use of the school premises will be denied when, in the opinion of the Superintendent or the Board, such use may be construed to be solely for commercial purposes, there is a probability of damage or injury to school property, or the activity is deemed to be improper to hold in school buildings.

4. In case of loss or damage to school property, the organization and/or individual signing the request shall be fully responsible and liable.

5. The District reserves the right to require a certificate of insurance from the renting agency.

6. No furniture or apparatus shall be moved or displaced without permission.

7. No access to other rooms in the building shall be permitted unless designated by agreement.

8. There shall be no narcotics, drugs (including tobacco or nicotine products), stimulants, or alcohol used or sold in or about school buildings and premises, nor shall profane language, quarreling, fighting, or illegal gambling be permitted. Violations of this rule by any organization during occupancy shall be sufficient cause for denying further use of school premises to the organization.

9. Wax, or other preparations ordinarily used on dance floors, is not to be used on gymnasium floors.

10. The Superintendent may require a school employee to be present during the use of the building by the non-school organization. In such case, the requesting organization will pay for the employee expense (i.e., custodians, overtime).

11. When the school official finds it necessary that police or other security personnel be retained for crowd control, such requirement may be added as a condition of the Facilities Use Agreement.